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Technology of VAJRA BIMORE sh.a. "FIOL

“Vajra Bimore” sh.a. Fier Albania is composed of these industrial objects::

The plant for depositing oily seeds, with depositing capacity of 12000 m3 with concrete construction material. It is mechanized with a transporting capacity 100 m3/hour and it constructed in 1990 of Hungarian technology. During this time it is used for corn depositing.
The plant for pressing the sunflower seeds. Processing capacity 50 tones/24 hours. It is constructed in 1990 of German technology from the “SKET” construction company.

The Extracting plant with organic solvents. Developing capacity 35 tones/24 hours, constructed in 1990 of German technology from the “SKET” construction company.

The furnace for steam production. Producing capacity 3 tones/ hour, pressure 10 bar with 2 passages.
The Oil Refinery plant with classic technology with capacity 10 tones/24 hours.

The chemical extended Oil Refinery plant constructed in 2002 and first applied in 2003. Western technology by the Italian company CMB DESMET BALLESTRA OLEO. Developing capacity 25 tone/ 24 hours.

The cisterns park of grexho oil. Depositing capacity 4400 tone and the refined oil cisterns made of steel AIS 316 with depositing capacity 650 tones.
The packaging and confectioning department with loading capacity 2500 bottles/hour, Western technology (ALFA-TEC, COSMA-PACK etc)

Vajra Bimore sh.a, as object institution, covers a space of 4700 m2, producing space outside institution objects 10590 m2, total space 15290 m2. According to an estimation made from the American Bank in 2004, it results that the “Vajra Bimore” campus in Fieri, is valued of 10 000 000 USA dollars incorporated assets. The campus possesses excellent technical conditions of the engineering network of water and energy supplies, fuel supplies (gas), different deposition canalization. The internal roads are also in a good condition as well. Today “Vajra Bimore” is in the possession of Mr. Bajram Dine that is actually the owner of 98% of the shares of the company. Vajra Bimore sh.a. is run by a most qualified staff.


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