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Olive Oil - Bunec Sarande

Olive Oil - Bunec 0.5 L & 1L :
Tree of the Oleaceae family, originating from the Mediterranean countries, whose edible fruit, the olive, is oleaginous.

The food interest of the olive oil comes from its much appreciated perfume and its low concentration in saturated fatty acids. Rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, it is also used in cosmetic (hair and body cares) for his hydrating functions. It has calming and refreshing actions on the skin and enters in the composition of many pharmaceutical and veterinary products

Vajra Bimore sh.a. Company brings near to you the unparalleled experience of tasting olives collected carefully and with affection. As we all know the olive oil is indispensable to the human body and health. Original Olive oil is known for its therapeutic and cosmetic merits since the ancient times.

The qualitative extracts of the olive oil offer to the skin a special freshness and delicacy, regenerates and moisturizes the skin, especially when the olive oil is grown in a land rich in minerals, such as that in Bunec, Saranda. Joining all these qualities together with the highest technology offered by our company it is managed to brig near to you one of the best olive oile products.

He is available to be used in different salads, cooking and sauces. You will be able to judge upon its incomparable qualities when you will taste it by your self. You will taste the wonderful flavor of the real Albanian Riviera

Technical Specifications Olive Oil

Organical leptical indicators:

1. View in 20°C clear oily liquid, no depositations.
2. Color light yellow.
3. Odor and taste nice, peculiar olive oil, no strange taste or odo.

Chemical physical indicators:

1. Acidity expressed in oleic acid % 0.5
2. Relative density in 20 grades 0.916
3. Humidity and flour materials in 105°C % 0.2
4. Number of lathering in mg KOH/g oil 190
5. Infusible materials in ether or benzene % 0.15
6. unlathering materials % 1

Sunflower Oil - FIOL

The sunflower is a plant of the Asteraceae family, originating from North America. The oil is extracted from its seeds which contain between 40 and 65 % of oil.

The sunflower oil is interesting by its content in linoleic acid. It is used in food industry (dressings, seasoning, frying and other preparations). In the cosmetic industry, it is recognized for its hydrating and restructuring functions. In pharmacy it is used for the treatment of cholesterol and atherosclerosis

Technical specifications Sunflower Refined oil

1. Origin: Sunflower Oil
2. Organical leptical indicators/ sunflower refined oil

1. View in 20°C    clear oily liquid, no depositations
2. Color light yellow
3. Odor and taste nice, peculiar olive oil, no strange taste or odor

3. Chemical physical indicators:

1. Acidity expressed in oleic acid % 0.2g/100 g oil
2. Relative density in 20 grades 0.918
3. Humidity and flour materials in 105°C % 0.2
4. Number of lathering in mg KOH/g oil 190
5. Infusible materials in ether or benzene % 0.04
6. unlathering materials % 10g/kg
7. Number of iodine according to Hans 125
8. Soap concentration in % 0.005
9. peroxide MEK / KG 10 mek O2 activ/kg oil
10. Refraction indicator 1.464
11. Microelements concentration mg/kg oil

* Iron.......1.5
* copper........0.1
* lead.......0.1
* Arsenic.....0.1

This analyses is conform to the STAZH 203-2003 standart.

Bread - BASHA

The private company BASHA was created based on the privatization of the former enterprise of bread producing in Fieri, the owner of which is Mr. Bajram Dine. This company started producing and distributing bread on February 6, 1993. It is created as a shareholder company L.T.D with court decision no. 9203 date 08.02.1993 and license no. 1000100. It covers a space of 4000 m2 and it has all the necessary equipment such as the stove, raw material warehouse, ready material, laboratory etc.
The company has 10 gas stoves, traditional stoves of 200 breads capacity weighing 1.5 kg and two other electrical stoves. Today it is used only 40% of the producing capacity.
The workers that are around 50, including producers and distributors, work in two shifts.

It reaches a yearly turnover of 100 000 000. It produces four types of bread and a variety of other assortments. Its activity covers 70% of the needs of the city of Fieri. The produced bread is of the best due to the high quality in technology of baking, in the quality of the raw material used and due to a large experience of our specialists in production.

Sugar and rice “LeDor”

These are two products packed by Fiol company.

A light and suitable package helps to save their qualities so that we bring qualitative and helthy products to the customer.


Tomato juice “FIOL”

Fiol company brings a wonderful sauce (100 % albanian) ,that gives, a unique taste to your plate.

The farmers that grow tomatoes,the experts of complete production,the professional technicians of package and the best equipment of our company guarantee the highest quality of this product.

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