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Vajra Bimore sh.a. is created based on the privatization process of the former grocery enterprise of Fieri in the field of oil refinement, with verdict no. 12663 Date 30/01/1999, license no. 1000574, NIPT J829164360 for “Producing and trading oily products, farming grocery, importing and exporting goods ”

We inherited useless warehouses and stockrooms where nothing used to be produced. The infrastructure of the roads between warehouses and stockholders, as well as that of energy and water supplies, of the canalization and deposition network was completely amortized and ruined.

Administrative and technical engineering personnel compiled the development plan of the company step by step, such as the purchasing of the stove for steam production.


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Olive Oil - Bunec Sarande
  Sunflower Oil - FIOL  



The food interest of the olive oil comes from its much appreciated perfume and its low concentration in saturated fatty acids...



The sunflower oil is interesting by its content in linoleic acid. It is
used in food industry (dressings, seasoning, frying and other
preparations). In the ..


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