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Historical of VAJRA BIMORE sh.a. "FIOL"

   Vajra Bimore sh.a. is created based on the privatization process of the former grocery enterprise of Fieri in the field of oil refinement, with verdict no. 12663 Date 30/01/1999, license no. 1000574, NIPT J829164360 for “Producing and trading oily products, farming grocery, importing and exporting goods ”
We inherited useless warehouses and stockrooms where nothing used to be produced. The infrastructure of the roads between warehouses and stockholders, as well as that of energy and water supplies, of the canalization and deposition network was completely amortized and ruined.

Administrative and technical engineering personnel compiled the development plan of the company step by step, such as the purchasing of the stove for steam production. Their work contributed in the adaptation and adjustment of some of the machinery for refining the grocery oil (grexho) that we imported to make possible the assuring of the financial means for the maintenance and existence of the company as well as its steady growth and development.
We purchased and built oil tanks to deposit the raw and ready material (grexho oil) and intoxicant cisterns with depositing capacity around 4000 tone oil.  Whereas for the refined oil the depositing capacity lies at 800 tone

In 2003, our company with the help of the GRAND fund of the Japanese government framed and implemented the brand new modern Oil Refinery with a refining capacity of 30 tone oil per day. The present Oil Refinery produces oil with a greater quality indicator according to European Community parameters, thus competing successfully in the internal market of oil production as well as of the imported oil market.
As a result of the improved oil quality combined with a perfect management of the company, the sales of the average oil per day have been on a stead increase ever since the factory was first implemented. This increase in the average sales brings the necessity for the future expansion and duplication of the capacity of the Refinery that will make it easier to cope with the ever increasing demands for the product in the internal market.

To reach this perspective the company has implemented the factory of grexho oil production from vegetal seeds such as that of the sunflower seeds, project that meets the American Government Agricultural Department support for the production of the sunflower seeds.

The gradual growth in the sales of FIOL oil has increased satisfyingly the financial incomes of the company, fact that has made possible to liquidate all loans inside the required time limit. The excellent administration of the company, its modern improvements in the producing and economic activity has resulted in a constant enlargement and development of the company  expanding the oil Refinery’s capacity, increasing the production of grexho oil from vegetal seeds, launching new productions like farming food and in the near future the production of margarine.

Today “Vajra Bimore sh.a.” produces refined oil conform all modern contemporary standards. Refined packaged oil in different bottle sizes. Some of its exclusives are Olive Oil Virgin produced in Bunec, Saranda and the bakery that assures large incomes to the company as well. As for Molto and Croasan they will be launched in the not too distant future.

Vajra Bimore sh.a. FIOL
L. “Kryengritja e Fierit” Rr. “Ramiz Aranitasi” Fier/Albania
Tel & Fax: +355 (0) 34 239 57, +355 (0) 388 203 82
Mobil: +355 (0) 69 4072 131

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